Plan Your Visit

Visitors may drive directly to Griffith Observatory and park for free in its parking lot or on adjacent roads. As always, there is no admission charge to enter the Observatory building and no reservation is required to visit.


Weekdays (Tuesday - Friday)
Open 12:00 noon - 10:00 p.m.

Weekends (Saturday - Sunday)
Open 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Closed Mondays


Griffith Observatory
2800 East Observatory Road
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(213) 473-0800

Enter this address into GPS or mapping programs, or use the map below for quick reference.

Visitors may approach the Observatory via the Vermont or Fern Dell entrances to Griffith Park (see map below). Please note that access via Fern Dell closes each evening at sunset.

VEHICLE PARKING: Parking at the Observatory is free but limited. The busiest times are usually on weekends. There may be an uphill walk to the Observatory from some of the parking available along the roads and near the Greek Theatre. Visitors are encouraged to carpool, organize bus trips, hike, cycle, or even take a taxi. Observatory traffic staff will be on hand to help keep traffic moving through the park, preventing gridlock if the Observatory's parking lot and adjacent roads become full.

Note:  The Greek Theatre season runs from April-October.  Heavy traffic on concert nights may affect how quickly you are able to reach the Observatory. A northbound lane on Vermont Avenue is always open for Observatory traffic to bypass those trying to park at the Greek. For the schedule of Greek Theatre shows, please click here.

DISABLED PARKING: The Observatory has designated disabled parking spaces for those with official plates and/or placards. To access these spaces, please approach the checkpoint in the parking lot and speak with the traffic staff. Disabled access shuttles coming to the Observatory will be passed through at all times (even when the parking lot is full) and will drop off at the horseshoe driveway in front of the building. Such shuttles may not park at the Observatory.


NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED: Visitors are encouraged to arrange group trips to the Observatory, whether via school buses, private charter buses, or tour buses. Groups do not need to make any kind of appointment to visit the Observatory or to notify the Observatory in advance of their visit.

NO BUS PARKING: Groups in buses coming to the Observatory will be passed through at all times (even when the parking lot is full) and will drop off at the horseshoe driveway in front of the building. NO buses may park or wait at the Observatory at any time. Buses must leave after dropping off passengers and return when they are ready to pick up visitors; there simply is not room at the Observatory for safe parking. There is generally parking available in and around the Greek Theatre, though this is not guaranteed.

SELF-GUIDED TOURS: We welcome and encourage school and camp groups to visit during public hours of operation. While we are not able to provide tour guides for group tours, our knowledgeable and experienced Museum Guides are located around the building to help make your visit successful.

CHAPERONE RESPONSIBILITIES: Groups with children must have sufficient adult chaperones (1 adult for every 10 children) who must stay with the children at all times. Chaperones must ensure the safety of all children by prohibiting horseplay, running, climbing on exhibits, or other disruptive activity. Chaperones should ensure children do not bring food, drinks, or gum into the building.

BUYING SAMUEL OSCHIN PLANETARIUM SHOW TICKETS: See the guidelines below. We are not able to make ticket reservations in advance. We strongly recommend purchasing tickets only for group members who have already arrived, as there can be no refunds, exchanges or late seating.


PUBLIC BUS SERVICE: The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) operates weekend public bus service from the Vermont/Sunset Metro Red Line station to the Observatory. The LADOT Observatory Shuttle operates every Saturday and Sunday, except holidays, between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. and stops in front of the Observatory along the horseshoe driveway every 35 minutes. The fare is 50 cents, 25 cents for seniors and persons with disabilities, and free for small children (4 years and under) and LADOT or Metrolink pass holders. There is NO parking in or around the Metro station. For more information, click here.

The Observatory Weekend Shuttle WILL run on Saturday and Sunday evenings when there are concerts at the Greek Theatre. However, it is possible it will be slightly delayed because of traffic congestion. Also, on show nights there will be parking restrictions in and around the Greek Theatre.

TAXIS AND LIMOS: Visitors are welcome to arrive via taxi, limo, airport shuttle, and other similar conveyances. NO taxis, limos, or other such vehicles may park or wait at the Observatory at any time. Griffith Park inbound gates close each evening at 10:00 p.m., so if you are being picked up by a cab or friend, please make sure they are in the park before 10:00 p.m.

HIKING OR CYCLING: Those hiking to the Observatory are encouraged to take one of the hiking trails which originate near the Greek Theatre or Fern Dell. There is public parking near all trailheads. Those cycling to the Observatory should use paved park roads (not the park trails or fire roads) and may park in public spaces around the park. The Observatory has several bike racks.


Be sure to see one of the live programs in the Samuel Oschin Planetarium! There are eight shows each weekday and ten shows each weekend day. The schedule of shows can be found here.

BUYING TICKETS: Show tickets may be purchased ONLY at the Observatory, only for that day's shows.

Tickets are sold in blocks of 2-3 shows at a time during the course of each day, on a first-come, first-served basis. While there is no way to ensure the ability to purchase a ticket, visiting on weekdays will improve your chances. Tickets for each show are sold until 10 minutes before the start of that show, unless tickets have been sold out prior to that time. For example, tickets for the 1:45 p.m. planetarium show will be taken off sale at 1:35 p.m.

Tickets may be purchased ONLY at the Observatory, either at the Ticket Counter inside the W.M. Keck Foundation Central Rotunda or at the automated ticket machines around the building.

Management reserves the right to limit the number of tickets sold in a single transaction.

Once you have purchased planetarium tickets, there will be NO refunds (unless the show is canceled).

FORMS OF PAYMENT: The Observatory accepts credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, and Discover only) or cash in payment for show tickets. We are unable to accept personal, corporate, or organization checks (including those from public institutions).

IMPORTANT RULES: The planetarium show is not appropriate for children under five years of age. The content, visuals, and sound of the program in the Samuel Oschin Planetarium are likely to be disorienting and/or disturbing for children under five. Children under five will ONLY be admitted to the first show of the day (12:45 p.m. on weekdays, 10:45 a.m. on weekends). This is to ensure a satisfying experience for all visitors. There can be NO exceptions.

There will be absolutely no late admission to the theater. Once the doors have closed, the show is underway and must not be interrupted. If you must leave the theater during the show, you cannot be readmitted.

To the extent possible, shows are presented on the posted schedule. However, it is possible that technical difficulties or required maintenance will cause the delay or cancellation of one or more shows. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.


RESTRICTED BEHAVIOR: Griffith Observatory is a historic facility we must preserve for future generations. It is also a very heavily-visited institution which must protect both visitors and the facility. As a result, we have the following restrictions on visitor activity.

  • Food and drinks are prohibited inside the building.
  • Smoking is prohibited anywhere inside or outside the Observatory and anywhere in Griffith Park.
  • Electronic cigarettes are prohibited inside the Observatory and discouraged on our grounds, lots, and roads.
  • Alcohol is prohibited in the building, on the Observatory grounds, and in the parking lots and adjacent roads.
  • Balloons are not permitted inside the Observatory.
  • Skateboards, scooters, and other similar items may not be used in the building or on Observatory grounds.
  • "Wheelie" children's shoes may be worn in the building, but NOT with the wheels deployed.
  • Animals are not permitted inside the building, except service animals and service animals in training.
  • Bikes may not be ridden on the Observatory’s sidewalks or brought inside the building.
  • Staff may also ask any visitor to stop any behavior which may damage the building or pose a threat to other guests or employees.

    PHONE SERVICE: Most mobile phones have difficulty getting a clear signal near the Observatory. A public payphone is available for visitor use.

    CAFE SEATING FOR CUSTOMERS: Seating in the cafe and adjacent cafe terrace is reserved for cafe customers.


    Click the link above for a list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers.


    If you have additional questions regarding a visit to Griffith Observatory, please call the Observatory's General Information Line at:
    (213) 473-0800 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time.