Celebrating Dr. Sally Ride
First American Woman in Space

Dr. Sally Ride
  On June 18, 2013, Griffith Observatory commemorated the thirtieth anniversary of Sally Ride's historic space flight with a panel discussion hosted by Observatory Curator, Dr. Laura Danly.
  Guests included:
  • Rev. Dr. Bear Ride, Sally Ride's sister
  • Mr. Alan Ladwig, President of To Orbit Productions, former
  •    Deputy Associate Administrator for Communications, NASA
       Headquarters, and a former colleague of Dr. Ride's
  • Ms. Loretta Hidalgo-Whitesides, Co-Creator, Yuri's Night,
  •    Flight Director, Zero Gravity Corporation, and former
       Sally Ride Science Camp Head Counselor
    Event participants View of the stage during the event
      Watch the replay
    on Griffith TV
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    Sally Ride and fellow crew members aboard Space Shuttle ChallengerSpace Shuttle Challenger mission patchSally Ride during her mission in space